Brief Intro

Papua Mountaineering Association is a non-profit organization based in Timika, Papua. It was founded to unite mountain climbers, guides, and mountain sport and tourism lovers in Papua. Topographically, most part of middle Papua consists of mountain ranges which attracts many mountain climbers to visit it. This fact gives opportunity for local people to become climbers, guides, or porters. Papua Mountaineering Association can be an entity where they can enhance their professionalism in these professions.

The most phenomenal mountain which has become one of the dreams of mountain climbers around the world is Carstensz Pyramid (4.884 m.a.s.l). The peak of this mountain is covered with snow although it is located in a tropical area. There has been a lot expedition made to Carstensz Pyramid which is known as one of the Seven Summits. Summited on top of Carstensz mountain gives a great sense of pride. Therefore, Carstensz Pyramid expedition has turned to become an interesting special interest tourism destination and the number of visitor is increasing from time to time.

However, many visitors and operators are not sensitive enough with environmental issue around the mountain area. They left piles of garbage which obviously endangers environmental sustainability in Carstensz Pyramid tourism area. It is our concern about this issue which led us to the founding of Papua Mountaineering Association. Besides uniting climbers, guides, and mountain sport and tourism lovers, this association’s programs and activities will also cover natural conservation in the area of Carstensz Pyramid. Papua Mountaineering Association will manage to develop regulations of climbing and nature conservation as the references for climbers and tourists who come to Carstensz.

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